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Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to reflect on past and present experiences and explore how they influence patterns of feeling, thinking and behaviour, allowing you to gain deeper insight into concerns and make more conscious choices, giving greater control over your future. I help clients work through emotional issues, providing an environment where you can feel safe to express yourself without fear of being judged.

Nature-based Psychotherapy

As well as exploring human relationships, nature based psychotherapy creates the opportunity to explore your relationship with nature.

Psychotherapy helps people to work through emotional challenges by exploring feelings and increasing self awareness so that we can make more conscious choices in our lives. This is often done by exploring our relationships with those closest to us. Nature is also a significant other in our lives, just like our family and friends – the state of our relationship with nature will affect our sense of wellbeing just as the type of relationship we have with parents, siblings and colleagues will too.

Nature is able to offer the core conditions of a primary care giver and therefore positive attachment, being truly a mother; creating the therapeutic potential to support us in developing secure attachments with both people and the natural world.

During sessions nature becomes part of our therapeutic relationship. Nature based psychotherapy introduces nature as a source of emotional support which can continue long after sessions with the human therapist have finished.

Nature may play a varied role within our sessions, exploration will be led by your sense of connection. For some nature may be a beautiful and engaging setting to meet in, for others nature may be an entity with which a relationship is developed. Nature is used as a medium for emotional exploration and as a metaphor for our inner world in an applied way, offering insights into the dynamics of your human relationships; our senses are engaged and we can work with an embodied experience of the world around us.


Your first session will be an opportunity to get a feel for how I work and whether it is right for you. In this session we will explore what brings you to counselling at this time, what you would like to achieve from the sessions – whether a tangible goal or simply more clarity about an issue – and consider how many sessions you will come for (something which we can regularly review).

Some things to consider prior to a nature-based session;

  • Woodland/parkland is not an enclosed space, we will come into some form of contact with people and animals (e.g. dogs), please consider whether you are comfortable with this, we will talk through anything you feel may be challenging
  • Suitable footwear and clothing for the environment and weather
  • Sessions will run whatever the weather except high winds and storms in which case a rescheduled session will be offered

During our sessions we can follow where ever your feet take us, whether you want to walk or sit. Or if you’d prefer I can guide the direction we take.

All sessions are confidential and last for 50 minutes. Sessions are weekly and usually at the same time each week. I provide short and long term therapy.

Nature-based psychotherapy sessions take place in SE24.

Contact me at or 07906 832 952 for a conversation without obligation or to book a session.

I’m a BACP Registered therapist.