400 Seconds Per Podcast

This podacst series interviews with women leading hope and change in the climate emergency…in 400 seconds flat. We speak to Beth Collier, founder of Wild in the City, about nature’s role in our emotional health, and how to refocus eco-anxiety into positive energy.

The natural world is increasingly described as a health service – beneficial to physical and emotional wellbeing. But what happens for those who experience eco-anxiety? And how do we maintain a healthy relationship with our environment in the shadow of the Climate Crisis?

Beth Collier founded Wild in the City in 2013, which promotes connecting with nature as an antidote to the stresses of urban living.

Offering experiences in outdoor pursuits, traditional skills, natural history and ecotherapy, they aim to normalise and deepen our relationship to the natural world.

This podcast is part of ‘400 Parts Per Million’, an ecological arts project by Theatre in the Rough, supported by Arts Council England and the PH Holt Foundation.

Find out more at http://400.earth