Transition Together: Rewilding

In recent years rewildling is an idea that has taken on a life of its own. But what does it mean for community activists? How to make use of it, and how transformative could it be? Inthis session, recorded at Transition Together’s Together We Can Summit, hear from activist and writer George Monbiot, whose book ‘Feral’ was partly responsible for sparking the current interest in rewilding and by author and Guardian columnist, Jay Griffiths, who will speak about how by rewilding we also rewild ourselves. They’ll be joined by Nature Allied Psychotherapist Beth Collier, founder of Wild in the City and Frag Last who’s grassroots work in the Peak District is helping communities, particularly young people, reconnect with nature and rediscover their ‘wild child’. You will not look at the natural world, or your place in it, in the same way again.